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Specialist Intimate Apparel Supplier

Where comfort meets style, explore our exquisite lingerie collections to upgrade your inventory and delight your customers.

Specialist Intimate Apparel Supplier
lingerie sourcing

Leading Lingerie Supplier

With nearly a decade of experience, Lingerie Sourcing have established ourselves as leaders in the field, starting our journey in Shenzhen and expanding to establish offices and storefronts in both Shenzhen and Hangzhou.

We are committed to delivering excellence in every aspect of our operations,and ensuring reliability and consistency in the products we offer. From luxurious fabrics to innovative designs, we strive to exceed your expectations and meet your every need.

Our Advantages

Since founding in 2015, we have established ourselves as trusted intimates manufacturers capable of delivering impeccable craftsmanship and incredible comfort.

Great Expertise

Expertise in design and manufacturing

Extensive Catalog

Extensive wholesale catalog with thousands of styles

Customized Solution

Customizable products and private label

Quality Assurance

An accredited quality control system


meet the diverse needs of business


We provide complimentary samples for you to experience firsthand the quality and diversity of our products.

Our Services

Private Label

For private label production, we provide the option to fully customize hang tags, packaging, and labeling so you can put your brand name and logo on the intimates.

Sourcing & Design

Our expert design team will learn about your brand aesthetic, target customer, and goals to conceptualize fully customized intimate collections.


We offer prototype development services, and you will receive intimate samples that reflect pattern adjustments to evaluate the look, feel and fit of styles.


We leverage years of intimate apparel manufacturing expertise to meticulously cut, sew, and finish the products with exquisite craftsmanship.

Fast Turnaround

Our automated workflows, production planning systems, and streamlined fulfillment processes allow you to bring new collections and restocks to market quickly.

Warehouse & Logistics

Getting completed intimates to you quickly and seamlessly is our top priority. we handle fulfillment processes to enable fast, efficient shipping.


Committed to ethical and sustainable practices

We also offer intimates made with organic, recycled, and regenerative fibers for reduced environmental impact.

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